Donald Valdez Colorado 


Donald Valdez with his wife, Rene

As a native of the San Luis Valley, in Southern Colorado, I am passionate about issues that impact our community, district, and the great state of Colorado. I am running for Congress on a platform that emphasizes:

  • Quality Education
  • Protecting our water, our land & way of life
  • Support for Veteran's: Recognition, Quality of Care, Health & Wellness
  • Economic Development with Industry & Small Business Growth
  • Affordable Healthcare

I will fight to protect our water, land, and implement conservation practices for generations to come... to ensure our Agricultural livelihood thrives! I’m an advocate for our youth, our people, our economic development and the prosperity of Colorado I ask you to vote for me Donald Valdez, a man with values, who is passionate about Southern Colorado and our joint success! Vote Donald Valdez for Rural Colorado, so I can continue to serve as your voice in Congress.

In picture above is Donald Valdez and his wife, Rene.


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